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Jewish Directories wants to change the way the Jewish world sees the web. Our aim is to bring all the Jewish information into our portfolio of sites. Our sites include Jewish directories and a Jewish news conglomerating site. More Jewish sites will be added over time.

Jewish Directories

It is often difficult for people to find Jewish information when they want it. We have pulled together information about all Jewish services in each city with a major Jewish, English-speaking population. Whether you're looking for kosher restaurants in Chicago, synagogues in San Francisco, Judaica stores in Jersey or a mohel in Miami, we have the information you're looking for. The cities for which we have directories are all to the left. We also have a list of synagogue maps and kosher restaurant maps. We also run the Jewish Web Directory.

Jewish Volunteer

Are you seeking Jewish volunteer opportunities in your Jewish community? We have made it easy for you to find the latest opportunities, which you can find on Jewish Volunteer. Find Jewish volunteer opportunities in cities across North America. You can also find out about our Jewish Lending Group initiative on Kiva.org.

Jewish in the City

Jews want to get connected and Jewish events are happening all around the world, all the time. Trying to find Jewish events that suit your interest can be tough, so we developed Jewish in the City. We make it easy for organizations to add their events, and for people to find them.

Jewish Headlines

If you're obsessed with Jewish news, but don't want to look at 10 different sites, we have the solution for you. Jewish News Daily brings you the top Jewish news, as voted by your peers to you. Why waste your time reading news that isn't important to anybody - with Jewish News Daily, you read the news that is of most interest to others, and thus likely, to you as well!

Online Jewish Dating

Looking for Jewish Singles online but don't know where to look? Online Jewish Dating helps you by reviewing the top Jewish dating sites and recommending the best ones to you! If you're considering putting down money to try Jewish dating sites, makes sure you read our reviews first.

Judaica Store

If you're looking for that special piece of Judaica, we've put together a superstore of online Judaica. We have products from a large variety of Judaica vendors. When multiple vendors have the same product, we compare the prices so that you get the best prices on Judaica.

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